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Workflows and Procedures

Photogrammetry 101

There are several techniques that can be used to reconstruct 3D models of physical spaces. Currently, LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry a the most popular techniques and each have their benefits and drawbacks. LiDAR scanning uses a laser scanner to build a dense point cloud from which you can reconstruct the geometry of the space. These spaces are mesurable and accurate down the the millimeter. LiDAR scanners, however, are prohibitively expensive and the resulting dense clouds so large that they become cumbersome to work with. Our team relies on phototogrammetry, a technique that reconstructs the space by stiching together hundreds of 2D photographs. This technique requires camera equipment (which can range from a cell phone to mirrorless cameras) and can be done rather quickly with minimal special equipment. The resulting models can be nearly as accurate as LiDAR scans and the resulting textures are often better.

We have found that the bar of entry for photogrammetry is also a lot lower and want to share our current practices to encourage others to take advantage of this technology. Below you will find links to our current workflows. These resources are

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