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About Us

What's in a name?

Zeuxis was a celebrated painter from Ancient Greece who was renowned for his ability to replicate the world around him. According to Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, he painted a bowl of grapes that was so lifelike that birds flew down and attempted to eat them. Zeuxis used his skill to create art that was so convincingly real, he had fooled nature itself.


We are following in the footsteps of Zeuxis as we use photogrammetry and virtual reality to recreate art historical sites. We invite you to explore these digital reconstructions and allow yourself to believe in these illusions as we learn and traverse art history together.

Our Story

Zeuxis VR is a digital initiative that creates and integrates virtual reality (VR) content  to enhance student engagement in object-focused research in art history. As image technology advances, so too must the methods art historians use for teaching and conducting research. This project delivers new approaches for teaching art history by harnessing the full potential of immersive technology.


Our team constructs 3D models of art historical sites that allow for viewing and teaching using genuine VR technology and in doing so engages new practices that enrich traditional art historical analysis. The engine of our team are the amazing undergraduate research assistants who are learning about digital art history, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, and developing VR game-engine skills. We hope our initiative will allow students to transform their own learning experiences and create an immersive setting that spans centuries of art and thousands of miles without ever leaving the classroom.


Meet The Team

Meet the faces behind these models. We are a team of art history scholars and enthusiasts brought together by an interest in delivering virtual reality viewing experiences to a wider public.

Former Team Members

Maya Nylund '23
Student Research Assistant

Meredith O'Neill '23
Student Research Assistant

Mallory Brown '22
Student Research Assistant
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