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Caitlyn Carr, '23

Student Project Leader

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My Story

Caitlyn Carr is an Art and English double major at Lafayette College, and she is very excited to be on the Zeuxis team! She loves to go to art museums to study the art, expand her collection of museum guides and postcards, and discover new fun facts about her favorite paintings to share with her very patient friends.


Caitlyn is drawn to this project because of the way it transforms traditional studies of art history. Working as an EXCEL Scholar, she is motivated to help bring the minuscule, two-dimensional images from her textbook to life as a fully-immersive, three-dimensional encounter with art. Caitlyn is thrilled by the results the team has seen so far, and she believes that Zeuxis: Immersive Art History will kindle a newfound passion for art history in everyone who experiences all it has to offer.

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