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We have a website!

Prof. Hupe here, and I want to extend a warm welcome to ZeuxisVR a digital initiative at Lafayette College. Our student-centered project works to create virtual reality environments of art historical monuments that can facilitate the teaching of art history. This project grows out of my years of teaching on-site in Italy and a desire to recreate that immersive experience in the classroom. Secondly, I want students to think in new ways about how we do art history and see the potential technology has for furthering the study and teaching of art. This whole project is a great experiment. We have a small but mighty team of Lafayette students working on the project (you will meet them in future blog posts) and none of us are experts in the technology we deploy. Instead, we are all students and colleagues, learning together about photogrammetry, 3D modeling, VR asset building. The collaborative nature of our work is the whole point! We want to work together to increase access to art and art history.

As the website grows, you will find information on all our models, resources for how to view them, and various musings on the technology and techniques we use to create our models.

We hope you enjoy the first version of the website. Please check back soon for more updates.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

Prof. Hupe

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