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Giovanni Bazzi (Il Sodoma)

Bedroom of Agostino Chigi

c. 1517
Villa Farnesina
Rome, Italy

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Chigi’s bedchamber was adjacent to the banquet hall, and he had Sodoma decorate two of its wall, probably in conjunction with the decoration of the hall. The surfaces of the walls open up onto a narrative with large-scale figures, as if inviting visitors to enter. The main painting shows the wedding of Alexander the Great and Roxane. The composition is based on an ekphrasis (graphic description of a visual work of art). Lucian described a painting by the ancient master Aetion: Alexander handing the crown to Roxane in their wedding chamber. The princess is sitting on the bed, with Hephaistion and the god of marriage, Hymen, standing to the side; cupids are playing with the ruler’s weapons and armor. Sodoma followed the description very precisely, he tried to recreate the ancient painting.

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Sony a7rIV

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Eric Hupe


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