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Vestibule, Laurentian Library,
San Lorenzo

Michelangelo Buonarrotti

begun 1525


Model Info

This model was created from 543 photographs captured during the summer of 2021. The team was granted 10 hours of exclusive access over the course of three days. The photographs were developed and edited using Adobe Lightroom then processed with Agisoft Metashape to generate a photogrammetric reconstruction. The 3D model was edited and decimated with ZBrush before texturing and export.

N.B. We are always tweaking and improving our models, so be sure to check back for updates.

Mozilla Hubs Scene
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Model Downloads (coming soon)

Site History

Areas of Inquiry

Further Reading

Cammy Brothers, "The Laurentian Library: Affect, Music, and Architecture,” in Das Auge der Architektur. Zur Frage der Bildlichkeit in der Baukunst, eds. Matteo Burioni, Johannes Grave and Andreas Beyer, Munich, 2011, pp. 321-52.

Cammy Brothers, “Designing What You Cannot Draw: Michelangelo and the Laurentian Library,” in Michelangelo und die Sprache der Architekturzeichnung/Michelangelo e il linguaggio del disegno di architettura, ed. Alessandro Nova and Golo Maurer, 2012, pp. 153-68.

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